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DigiGallus Connect Privacy Policy


DigiGallus Connect, referred to hereafter as ‘DigiGallus’, is a student run initiative that is supported by the University of Glasgow. How we collect, use and store data gathered from participants, referred to hereafter as ‘community partners’ or ‘partners’, of the programme is outlined in this privacy policy.


What Data do we Collect?

DigiGallus may collect basic identifying information such as your name, telephone number, email address and home address. If any information of a more sensitive nature such as (including but not limited to), health information or other sensitive personal data is required, explicit consent will be needed for it to be stored by DigiGallus. Any data which is not directly relevant to the purposes of the DigiGallus initiative will not be collected.


How is this Data Collected?

Your data will be collected via interaction with the programme. Information to be stored by DigiGallus can be sent in writing (by email or by post) or given verbally to one of our mentors/ volunteers. Our website does not collect personal information through ordinary use. 

DigiGallus may also receive your data indirectly through a recommendation for you to join the programme. Anyone who recommends another individual should always obtain their permission before passing on their details to DigiGallus. The information held will be deleted immediately if you decide not to take part. 


Why is your Data Collected and What is it used for?

DigiGallus requires the information we gather for; eligibility purposes to take part in the programme, to contact community partners, and to deliver relevant equipment and devices. It may also be used to contact former community partners about their experience with the programme in the future. All the information we collect is required to deliver the programme and will not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. 


How is your Data Stored?

Your data will be stored in a password protected cloud-based database which complies with GDPR regulations. This is only accessible to members working or volunteering for the DigiGallus initiative who have been trained about correct use and access to data.

Your data will not be passed on to any third party or person outside of DigiGallus without first obtaining your consent. Your data will never be passed on to a third party for commercial purposes.

You can request to view all the data that DigiGallus stores for you by contacting us at or via any mentor or volunteer. No justification needs to be given for making this request. You may also ask to have your data removed. All requests to receive or delete the personal data which is stored by DigiGallus should be made in writing and may result in community partners having to be withdrawn from the programme.


How Long will your Data be Held?

Collected data will be stored for a year, after which it will be deleted from our system unless your agreement and consent is given to keep it, should there be a valid reason for doing this, such as contacting you to follow up on the impact of taking part in the programme. Survey responses to any questionnaires you choose to complete may be anonymised and kept for up to 10 years, provided the survey contains no information that could be used to identify you. If this is the case, the data will be deleted after one year.


Cookie Policy

The DigiGallus website does not use cookies. Other linked websites may utilise cookies and their cookie policies should be reviewed by the user separately.


Privacy Policies of Websites Linked by DigiGallus

The DigiGallus website many contain links to other websites which are not operated by DigiGallus. Partners and visitors to the website may also be sent links to other websites and resources to support their experience or skills development. This privacy policy applies only to DigiGallus Connect resources, processes and the website and you should read the privacy policy of any website linked or sent by DigiGallus as they are not covered by this policy.


Your Rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) you have the following rights;

  1. The Right to be Informed: on how your personal data is gathered and used.

  2. The Right to Access: a copy of the personal data stored for you. This request must be responded to within a month unless a valid reason for an extension is given.

  3. The Right to Rectification: by which we would amend the data we hold for you if it were found to be incomplete or incorrect.

  4. The Right to Erasure: having your personal data completely erased in permitting circumstances.

  5. The Right to Restrict Processing: by withdrawing consent for all or some of your personal data to be processed or restricting how it is used. This could also refer to choosing to alter how we communicate with you.

  6. The Right to Data Portability: by asking to receive your data in an accessible format and to pass it on personally or have the current controller of the data pass it to another agency or entity (another controller).

  7. The Right to Object: to your data being processed for specific purposes. For example, opting out of marketing communications or to opt out of having any of your data processed in certain circumstances.

  8. The Right to Automated Decision Making (and Profiling): meaning that your explicit consent or a legal reason is required to make an automated decision on your data without involving a human overseeing it.


Alterations to this Privacy Policy

DigiGallus Connect reserves the right to amend this policy. Updates may be made to this policy for reasons including (but not limited to) changing legislation or the expansion of the DigiGallus Connect programme. 

This policy was created on 15thJuly 2020.

This policy was last updated on 25thJuly 2020.


Contacting DigiGallus Connect

For questions regarding this privacy policy, or for queries regarding the data which DigiGallus holds for you, please contact us using the details below. 




DigiGallus Connect is a volunteer-run student organisation that promotes digital inclusion in the community through the power of intergenerational relations.

We want to provide Digital Literacy Skills to vulnerable parts of the community, with a core focus on the elderly, which will help them navigate the digital world we live in. 

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