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Digital Inclusion for all

DigiGallus Connect is a volunteer-run student organisation that promotes digital inclusion in the community through the power of intergenerational relations.

We want to provide Digital Literacy Skills to vulnerable parts of the community, with a core focus on the elderly, which will help them navigate the digital world we live in. 

We will achieve our aim by providing our volunteers with 1-on-1 mentoring sessions where we will train up them to become mentors for our project. These volunteers will then engage with Community Partners within the community to assist them in their Digital journey by providing compassionate insight and digital expertise

Steps in our Programme

DigiGallus Connect strives to connect people in our local community through the power of technology, particularly those who may otherwise be excluded. With this purpose in mind we have created a series of sessions to introduce our Community Partners to the internet, even if they have little or no prior digital experience. 


 Anyone who  takes part in the programme will be paired with one of our Mentors, who will aid them in developing their digital literacy skills, as well as their confidence online, through a number of virtual meetings. Each session will last between 45 minutes and an hour and all are free of charge. 


 After an initial meeting, the sessions will commence by setting up our partners to go online and with an introduction to searching and online safety. Future sessions will focus on equipping them with essential digital skills by developing their confidence in video calling friends and relatives and learning how to connect with community groups through social media. 


  These mentoring sessions provide an excellent opportunity for both our Community Partners and Mentors to realise the power of inter-generational relations and to help reduce isolation through digital connectivity and the internet. 


Student Writing

Examples of what our mentoring sessions cover

Getting to know you and your device

Surfing the Internet

Setting up and using Email

Maing video calls to firends and family

Being part of online communities

Understanding online safety 

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