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In order for the programme to be successful we need the support from you, our supporters. The programme requires funds to pay for the equipment needed to supply to our partners.

The best way to support us is by donating. During our initial crowdfunding campaign, we raised £6,220 which will go to funding our initiative.

Yet if you missed our initial campaign and want to support  us in connecting the community, then click below!

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There are other ways that you can support us rather than donating. Follow us on our social media channels and be sure to share our posts with your friends and family. The more that know about our project the better!

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Our programme relies on the funds to buy our equipment. However, we know that it is very costly to fund this solely. That is why we would love donations of laptops, tablets, iPads etc. This would help us reach more participants and you'll know your equipment is being recycled into good use!

If you have any equipment that you can donate. Drop us an email here. We would really appreciate it!

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DigiGallus Connect is a volunteer-run student organisation that promotes digital inclusion in the community through the power of intergenerational relations.

We want to provide Digital Literacy Skills to vulnerable parts of the community, with a core focus on the elderly, which will help them navigate the digital world we live in. 

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